For more than twelve years the studio specializes in design for packaging, branding, graphic design for exhibitions, web design and print.
Packaging: in the food industry, consumer market, bio-technology field, etc.
Exhibitions: for various sized booths - from small booths (including pop-ups, roll-ups, etc.) to larger booths of dozens of square meters, in the medical, telecom and technical fields.
Print: for brochures, folders, invitations, etc.
Web: Unique and original ui/ux design.
The studio produces high quality work, innovative approaches and creative solutions, with an emphasis on answering the needs of each and every customer - from small to big companies. The studio delivers a high level of work, with special attention to details in order to strengthen the customer's brand.
Our small, compact team takes on the client in a personal, face to face, manner that benefits both the customer and ourselves because we allow for joint development of ideas to create a proper and focused personal solution.
We'd be happy to create your next wonderful project!
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